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Tasting DOC Bolgheri

Many Guests at Podere Conca for the celebration of the 25th year of DOC Bolgheri

There are two efficient methods to open a cellar: knowing who is the core and visiting it. These two methods linked to wine tasting, better if of different years, to understand and assess wine evolution, because resting in the bottle makes the wines more and more pleasurable and well-balanced (obviously, depending on the type of wine that we are tasting).

Therefore, taking advantage from the many good journalists come to celebrate the 25th year of DOC, we invited them to visit us and taste our wine production from 2015, the first year of our cellar work, up to today. A few years for a real vertical tasting, but enough to understand the work that we are carrying out and to ask them, who know all our colleagues and many wines from all over the world, an opinion on it. So, we presented 2015-2016-2017 of Bolgheri Rosso Agapanto and 2016-2017-2018 of IGT Elleboro.

After the meeting at the theatre in Bolgheri, where some of the historic producers of the Denomination told us from where they come and where they want to go with their work, we accompanied some journalists to Podere Conca, where tasting was ready.

After the technical tasting, the bottles were put on the table to accompany the delicious menu that our home chef Simonetta cooked with her usual mastery. Indeed, in addition to the cold-bloodedly tasting – even if perfect from a technical point of view – the wine must be tasted combined with food, because it is intended just for this!

In addition to the guests who accepted the invitation for lunch, we were proud to host other good journalists in the afternoon and we repeated the two mini vertical tastings gathering their approval and suggestions, in addition to many other positive comments (luckily!)

We also visited the vineyard near the house, where we produce out Cabernet Franc for superior Bolgheri, for which have been working since 2018 harvest. It was really amusing to taste grapes with our oenologist Laura Zuddas, who guided us through the taste and consistency of grapes to understand the level of maturation and the potential of the grapes of our vineyard. A great harvest is expected, and this make us happier than every other information.

Our vineyard is beautiful, without undue immodesty: we invested much and not only in economic terms, but and above all from a technical point of view, and we are happy that the results are clear.

Unfortunately, due to the tight schedule, we could not see the vineyard at Le Ferruggini area: indeed, also there, things are going well. We will inform you on the 2019 vineyard, but the better way is to visit us: we are always available for visits and tastings.

by Maddalena Mazzeschi

Acknowledgments: Richard Baudains of Decanter, Filippo Bartolotta of Le Baccanti, Stefano Ferrari of Guida Slowine, Chiara Giovoni of Doctorwine, Andrea Gori of Intravino, Alessia Trivelli of ADN Kronos, Paola Rastelli and AIS Members of the Livorno Delegation, our PR Maddalena Mazzeschi and our Oenologist Laura Zuddas for having been with us for Tasting.

Podere Conca Bolgheri degustazioni DOC Bolgheri
Chiara Giovoni e Andrea Gori
Podere Conca Bolgheri degustazioni DOC Bolgheri
Carlo Macchi e Silvia Cirri
Podere Conca Bolgheri degustazioni DOC Bolgheri
Alessia Trivelli e Richard Baudains
Podere Conca Bolgheri degustazioni DOC Bolgheri
Filippo Bartolotta e Paola Rastelli
Podere Conca Bolgheri degustazioni DOC Bolgheri
Maddalena Mazzeschi
Podere Conca Bolgheri degustazioni DOC Bolgheri
Laura Zuddas

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