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Podere ConcaPodere Conca certificazione Agricoltura biologica

Wine industries in Tuscany: discover Podere Conca and its production of fine wines

Here at Podere Conca there is a deep respect for rhythm and law of the nature.
That’s how our Agapanto, Elleboro, 196 and Apistόs wines originate

Vineyards and olive grove

Podere Conca is one of the emerging wine companies in Tuscany

Set in the Livornese countryside, a few kilometres far from Marina di Castagneto and the renowned Viale dei Cipressi of Bolgheri – UNESCO World Heritage Site – its walls tell us a story of passion, dedication and family tradition: a combination which has created a fertile estate, where we added the production of fine Tuscan wines to the long-standing production of extra virgin olive oil.

The love of Cirri family for the extraordinary countryside of Bolgheri is aimed at the respect of environment and territory, therefore they chose the organic cultivation for both olive trees and vineyards.

A natural rhythm

Podere Conca certificazione Agricoltura biologica

The way chosen by Podere Conca

At Podere Conca, like in many other Tuscan wine companies, we fully respect the rules of organic cultivation: we don’t use chemical fertilizers but only organic substances in the respect of natural life cycles of plants and protecting biodiversity.

Obviously, all that requires hard work and financial commitment, because the specific products are more expensive as well as the higher number of phytosanitary treatments required during the year.

But we at Podere Conca have gone beyond all that and we adopted a natural approach: as a rule, both cultures vines, and olive trees, are hand-harvested.

Indeed, that is the choice of some family companies in Tuscany to guarantee the best quality of their product. And that is the choice of Podere Conca.

Our Podere has always been called “Conca” due to its peculiar shape: a slope from the sides to the centre, with the old house, recognizable due to its fire red wooden shutters: the core of our company.

The renovation in the 1970s kept the traditional outer stone walls, by now uncommon in the area, and made the Podere recognizable and an example of authentic colonic architecture.

Our products

Recognisable and Unique Flavours

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