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You can get to Bolgheri – Medieval hamlet in Maremma – along the spectacular Viale dei Cipressi, famous thanks to the poet Giosuè Carducci, and today UNESCO world heritage. The history tells us that the name Bolgheri is due to a military installation of Bulgarians, who were allied with the Lombard and were asked to defend the area from a possible landing of Byzantine,

The Bolgheri Castle was destroyed many times over the centuries and only in the 13th century started to be rebuilt by Conti della Gherardesca, who claimed the surrounding marshes and built a water main supplying the entire village with drinking water and supporting in this way the resumption of agriculture.

Over the last decades Marquises Incisa della Rocchetta have been giving a great boost to the area, as they have understood with great foresight the quality potential of the production of red wines from international vine varieties creating the DOC Bolgheri consortium for the protection of wines.

The “Rifugio faunistico di Bolgheri” (wildlife refuge) was founded in 1959 and is one of the most important wealth in the area and the first private natural oasis in Italy.  Strongly wanted by Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, since 1968 it has been recognised as WWF Oasis. In this oasis you can find roe deer, rabbits, squirrels, starlings, peregrine falcons, owls, cranes, and mallards.

Bolgheri-the coast and the sea

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