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Wine tasting

Wine tasting and special experiences among the vineyards of Podere Conca

Wine tastings and special experiences among the vineyards of Podere Conca: the numerous visitors of Podere Conca in August were able to admire vineyards and wine cellar, taste our wines and discover the glamorous lifestyle of Bolgheri.

Many Italians, also due to COVID-19 restrictions, have given up on holidays abroad and rediscovered the beauties of their country. Tourism has skyrocketed around Bolgheri, due to the famous beautiful villages, territory, and sea, but also much appreciated by wine lovers thanks to the opportunity to visit the many internationally renowned wineries in the area.

Visits with Tasting

Among the quality experiences, also visits with tasting to the vineyards and the new cellar of Podere Conca

The good reviews by journalists and bloggers, some of whom, returned for a second visit, could see themselves the flourishing growth of the vineyards, now in full production, and admire the new wine cellar, which was inaugurated this year.

Tasting at the Wine Cellar

The winery where we chose to give priority to investments in functionality, technology and safety is now ready to make wine with all our grapes and to welcome wine lovers and journalists interested in tasting our wines.


Tasting at Podere Conca

Podere Conca, although a small enterprise, is very attentive to both the quality of its wines and the reception of those who want to taste them.

Not surprisingly, the tasting and the visits to the vineyards (those of Cabernet Franc located around the Podere among the olive trees and those of Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc, and Ciliegiolo a few kilometres far and closer to the sea, at Località Le Ferruggini) were treated and looked after by Silvia Cirri herself, the producer, and by the young agronomist Linda Franceschi.


Silvia Cirri and Giorgio Dracopulos  

Silvia Cirri and Urano Cupisti

Wine lovers have listened with great interest to the story of how this wine industry was born, the technical specifications on organic farming, the different characteristics of the land in the two vineyards and the effects that these differences produce on the grapes.










Being welcomed not only in a cellar open to the public, but also in the private residence of the Cirri family was a special experience for visitors who were able to experience the amazing atmosphere of Bolgheri.




by Silvia Cirri



I premi vinti

Bolgheri DOC Agapanto 2018 91 POINTS MEDAL 2021
Bolgheri D.O.C. Agapanto 2018 91 POINTS MEDAL 2021

Toscana IGT Elleboro 2020

Premio Gilbert & Gaillard

Bolgheri D.O.C. Agapanto 2016
Médaille d’OR 2019

Premio Gilbert & Gaillard
Costa Toscana I.G.T. Elleboro 2018 Médaille d’OR 2019