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Podere Conca

The “Conca”

A nineteenth-century farm

The company’s core of the farm Podere Conca Bogheri consists of a Podere from 1800 with traditional stone walls and red-wooden doors and windows, which appear stylized on their company logo.

The Podere, located at 196 Strada Provinciale Bolgherese, a few kilometres from famous Viale dei Cipressi and Castagneto Carducci in the Livorno district, Tuscany, has been since 1980s the family holidays house of Silvia Cirri, Majority shareholder and CEO of the company. It is in the centre of a dip ground of 4.9 hectares with 800 olive trees, some of which are century old, of the Tuscan variety Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo; in 2015 0.8 hectares of Cabernet Franc were planted among the rows.

The production of oil was started by Silvia’s mother, as an organic cultivation, thus the Tuscan organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has gained also the new appellation of Bolgheri territory.

In 2014 Silvia, Chief physician of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care Unit of IRCCS Ospedale Galeazzi – Sant’Ambrogio of Gruppo San Donato in Milan, and great lover of wine, after having attended the three-year course of Associazione Italiana Sommelier, decided with her partner Livio Aloisi and her nephew Giovanni Gastel Jr to become wine maker in Bolgheri.

So, an adventure started and in a few years she has planted 5 hectares of vines, whilst in 2019 a own wine cellar was opened, as well as her wines have been launched on the market and have been awarded many times.

The early years

At first, when vineyards were too young, wines were produced with organic grapes personally selected by Silvia, with the help of wine maker Laura Zuddas of group Matura, and bought at small local producers. In this way, it was possible to experiment and tone the blend that Silvia had in mind.

As regards DOC Bolgheri Agapanto Silvia has made a courageous choice different from the classical blends of Bolgheri area: adding to Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc –since always the strong point of the Appellation – Ciliegiolo, a local vineyard that she appreciates.

Since 2015, the first year of DOC Bolgheri Agapanto, this peculiar blend has made the difference.

Agapanto has been immediately appreciated for its freshness, its scents of red fruit that mark its refinery and balance.


Today all vineyards are producing about 35,000 bottles with 4 different labels:

  • 2 blends: white Elleboro IGT Toscana and red Agapanto DOC Bolgheri.
  • 2 red single-variety: Apists IGT Costa Toscana and 196 IGT Costa Toscana

The company that still have a family size is currently mainly focused on the search for quality.


The “Conca” before the restructuring of the 80s

The company, which maintains a family dimension, is currently mainly concentrated in the pursuit of quality

The almost “adult” vines give more balanced productions from year to year, creating wines with a silky and enveloping tannin texture.

In addition, the team that supports Silvia, almost all women, is increasingly motivated and passionate as regards both the management of vines, where the works are almost fully carried on by in-house staff, and the works in the cellar attentively supervised by wine-maker and agronomist Linda Franceschi.

The company devotes particular attention to the communication of the characteristics and quality of the products, the management of the vineyards, the organic treatments, the work in the cellar and the winemaking processes to the press, the industry, and the public.

The same information is told in depth during the visit to the vineyards before Tasting of wines and local products open to the public.

7 years have been necessary to pass from 2 to 4 labels, but Silvia has further projects in mind. Her lucky number has always been 7, therefore she would like 7 hectares of vines in the future.

Keeping fingers crossed!

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    I premi vinti

    Bolgheri DOC Agapanto 2018 91 POINTS MEDAL 2021
    Bolgheri D.O.C. Agapanto 2018 91 POINTS MEDAL 2021

    Toscana IGT Elleboro 2020
    90 POINTS MEDAL 2021

    Premio Gilbert & Gaillard

    Bolgheri D.O.C. Agapanto 2016
    Médaille d’OR 2019

    Premio Gilbert & Gaillard
    Costa Toscana I.G.T. Elleboro 2018 Médaille d’OR 2019