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Our productsPodere Conca certificazione Agricoltura biologica

Sales of Organic Hand-Harvested and High-Quality Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Well-balanced Flavours and Monitored Processes Give Birth to Podere Conca Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP

The online sales of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil allow tasting some of the best Tuscan oils marked by IGP qualification, such as that of Podere Conca.

The quality of Tuscan extra virgin oil is the result of the high respect for the territory and the deep knowledge of it that have been reached over centuries of punctual cultivation aimed at the best result and taste.


Moreover, the Tuscan extra virgin olive oil must comply with some precise requirements that regard both production and cultivation.

    • The oil must be achieved using mechanical processes and must be free from any type of alteration through heating or the use of chemical products.
      At Podere Conca, in addition to respect the principles and severe rules of organic agriculture, we are used hand-harvesting our oil.
    • The know-how and long-standing experience in this field of one of the members, Livio Aloisi, who owns other organic cultivations in The Marches, and of agronomist Paolo Granchi have been fundamental to start organic cultivation.
    • Only washing, decanting, centrifuging and filtration processes are allowed during the production. Any other treatment hampers the qualification of extra virgin oil.
    • Once achieved the product, we must test the acidity, which must be less than 0.8%.
    • Finally, the oil is tasted by a group of tasters.





The production and Sales of Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Podere Conca

Podere Conca is in the Livornese area near Bolgheri. The wine and agricultural company  deals with the production of Tuscan extra virgin oil and Tuscan wines.

Cirri family has been the owner of Podere Conca for generations: Silvia, Chief Physician of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation and Intensive Care Unit of Istituto Clinico Sant’Ambrogio of the Gruppo San Donato of Milan, has grown there and has collected the legacy of oil production, adding the new vineyards in 2015.


Indeed, the olive trees have been on her estate for centuries, but only in 1983, the old olive grove was extended adding new rows to reach a higher production, so the sales of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil has started

Here the olives are only hand-harvested, and the cultivation respects the old local traditions.

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Podere Conca organic extra virgin olive oil comes from the varieties Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino. Harvest takes place from end of October to the first days of November, waiting for the right maturation of olives. Processing must take place within 24 hours from harvest.




The result is a yellow-green oil with golden reflections that has a fruity character to the nose and a light note of artichoke: a worthy example of Tuscan excellence.

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