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196 2021

IGT Costa Toscana Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

0.75 l bottle



House number of the farm on via Bolgherese, which represents our business center, reference point for our activities.

Organoleptic notes

A fresh, young and captivating wine, born from the refinement of only Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in Tulipe, our concrete tanks with a particular tulip shape. Exuberant on the nose, with fruity and vegetal notes that harmonize in a pleasant bouquet.


It goes well with meat dishes, even spicy ones, or vegetables and cheeses of different maturations. The pleasant liveliness also makes it suitable for fresh summer meals.

Technical notes

Grapes: Cabernet sauvignon in purity.
Aging: in concrete for 8 months, followed by 2 months of bottle aging.
Alcohol: 13,5% alcohol by volume

Additional information

Weight 1.50 kg

I premi vinti

Bolgheri DOC Agapanto 2018 91 POINTS MEDAL 2021
Bolgheri D.O.C. Agapanto 2018 91 POINTS MEDAL 2021

Toscana IGT Elleboro 2020

Premio Gilbert & Gaillard

Bolgheri D.O.C. Agapanto 2016
Médaille d’OR 2019

Premio Gilbert & Gaillard
Costa Toscana I.G.T. Elleboro 2018 Médaille d’OR 2019